My Background

Prior to becoming a clinical psychologist I worked for several large corporates, some smaller businesses and a university, and taught high school for a time. I believe this experience has added depth and sensitivity to my role as a psychologist in trying to support and work with individuals wishing to make sense of their own journey and to live their best life.

My Therapy Practice

As a clinical psychologist I work with clients of all ages and all kinds of difficulties. Quite often a client may not know quite what it is that is causing their feelings of distress and discomfort. Our therapeutic journey together would begin by unpacking and starting to make sense of the troubles.

The form that therapy takes is attuned to each client’s unique needs. The client may, for example, need to make meaning of their own particular history or to reconnect with their strengths and build upon them. I am likely to use a type of therapy called ‘psychodynamic psychotherapy’ which involves a rich exploration and meaning-making of the client’s emotional world. In other cases, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which targets specific behaviours and tries to ease them by making sense of their root cause, may be appropriate.

In addition, I work with families, offering support and counselling for parents. For this role, I draw on experience gained working in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

My Psychometric Assessments Practice

Assessments offered include:

  • IQ Testing
  • ADHD Assessments
  • Assessment of the client’s current emotional profile.
  • Initial screen for difficulties with reading, spelling and maths

Rates for Therapy

Medical Aid rates are charged, with a discount for clients who pay in advance.


Southern Suburbs

Contact Me

Cell: 071-528-1126